Wild Organic Food

We collect and use only the finest, ethically, wildcrafted ingredients
(collected by ourselves).

This includes a wide range of unusual and hard-to-locate plants and
mushrooms...and, never collect more than we anticipate we will need for
ourselves, for market, membership, reserve and for gifting.

Therefore, we limit the number of memberships we will accept and keep only
a very limited supply on hand from season to season.

It has always been our policy to promote and encourage alternative
economic resources besides "just" timber or agribusiness.

We promote the use of our wild edibles while
  1. conducting and collecting research on the various plant forms         
    (native and immigrants) occurring in the wild,
  2. encouraging and educating the public to the benefits derived from
    their usage, and
  3. helping to preserve the plants' natural habitat, thus ensuring a
    continuing supply for generations to come.

Please contact us directly if you would like additional information or go
directly to
The Wild Store if you would like to sign up.  Thank you!


Nova and Les  

We look forward to collecting and sharing with you!!!
Community Supported Agriculture on the Wild Side
Wild Gourmet Food          ~          Wild Food CSA          ~          Wild...the original organic!
MUSHROOM OF THE MONTH              $275
One Year's Subscription includes...
A different dried wild VT mushroom shipped
directly to your doorstep.  Your mushrooms
(suitable for 2-4 servings) will be packed in
cellophane with a colorful instruction card...
with recipe, ID, background info (edible and
medicinal), and proper handling instructions.
Don't see what you need?
Want more wild edibles, less mushrooms?  
Perhaps you are looking for a source of wild
herbs and medicinals?
Or, a combination of all of the above.  
Let us know what you need and we will try to
arrange a program to fit your needs.
Twelve mos. of  Wild Fresh & Dry Delights
Put yourself in our hands and receive as we
collect...blossoms, berries, bulbs, greens,
roots, fruits and the occasional surprise.  
And, of course, one of the largest variety of
wild VT Gourmet mushrooms (fresh or dried)
anywhere.  Inquire for details.

STRICTLY VT FRESH ~ 6 mos              $495
Includes fresh wild VT mushrooms plus    
assorted wild VT greens, varieties of both
are season dependent and as available.
Half Share (just as good-just half as much) $300  

THE WILD ORGANIC GROUP                     Yearly membership                                 $ 75.00
Become a part of something WILD.  Receive your monthly newsletter...find out what's
happening and the condition of the woods as we collect, plus...free recipes, what's
available - when, extras for sale, happenings, new products, gift certificates.
MEMBERSHIP FORAY here in Vermont for members only.  Plus, valuable discounts for
other wild VT events, and products as they become available.
Slow Food USA
Nova Kim and Les Hook,
founders of VT Native have
started a Wild Foods CSA...
Nova...     Slow Food USA
Walks, talks, books, video instructions, plant
and land assessment...contact us for further

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October 2005
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... eager to learn about
mushrooms from Nova Kim, the
wild mushroom lady of the
Northeast Kingdom of
Vermont...  Nova and her
husband Leslie Hook, have
started an annual mushroom
festival as...
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